Meet Estelle - the chihuahua who had great help from KalmAid

Finally I didn´t know what to do. My dog was worried, insecure and stressed as soon as we left home and leaving her alone at home for a while wasn´t optional. When I brought her to work, she clearly showed that she was not happy at all and leaving her with someone else in the days was not an option either. The situation was untenable!


Estelle is undoubtedly a very small dog who only weighs 3 kg, but she is a big personality in small packaging. Johanna chose to get just a chiahaua was because it would be practical with a dog that is small and easy to carry everywhere, for example on the bus and at work. “I did not think that could be like this,” says Johanna, explaining:

“Like many dogs, Estelle watches her owner and her reef by marking when someone comes. But unlike other dogs, Estelle became hugely bald, stressed and worried. It could take several hours before she even dared to greet when we had guests at home, “says Johanna. Meetings with new people became a real pain for both Estelle and Johanna. The same thing at work, where Estelle nervously watched Johanna against colleagues and visitors.

“Certainly, it was better to meet with hundreds of people who know that you should not approach the dog from above, but let the dog contact him, but it was clear that Estelle nevertheless felt insecure and in need. The same thing happened if she was scared of some loud noise, then she became stressed and loud and it was very difficult to get her calm again.”


“But then I learned about KalmAid from a friend and as soon as we started with KalmAid a difference was noted in Estelle’s behavior. She’s like a new dog!

When Estelle gets KalmAid, she does not respond to the fact that there are people at work, she can relax in a completely different way. I notice that she does not feel tired and worried, as she did before – it’s as though she gained greater self-esteem. It is the biggest difference that she gets used to new people much faster and can relax.”



Johanna gives Estelle half a tablet of KalmAid in the morning. The KalmAid tablets taste good so Estelle is happy to eat them.


“Whether we have guests or it’s for example New Year’s Eve and I know Estelle will experience anxiety I give her a full tablet one and a half hours before the guests arrive. In the past, she barked at the guests for a very long time, but with KalmAid’s help, she is even curious and dare to greet immediately. After greeting, she is happy to lie in my knee for the rest of the evening! Estelle’s life has become incredibly much more harmonious since we started with KalmAid – in the office, she patrolling around to colleagues and would like to sit in their knees in turn. Now she is a safe and happy dog!”

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