Pets that get fired up during fireworks?

We approach the season when fireworks and rockets become more common, and this can cause stress to many animals and animal owners.

Below are some tips you can use to make it as comfortable as possible for your animal.

* Prepare a safe place for your dog, preferably a place where he or she already feels safe. Cover with a blanket so that light and sound are muted. Give the dog access to the place always, preferably with a good chew or favorite toy.

* Cats often show their dissatisfaction with urinating or clipping on furniture. Make sure you have more litter boxes and cladding boards deployed in the home. If the cat is hiding at the fireworks, let it be. He or she has chosen a place that feels safe.

* Mask the sound and light with music, for example, or have the TV on as background noise. Let the curtains dampen both the sound and the light from the rockets. Make sure the lights are on, so the flashes do not get too significant.

* Make sure your dog or cat is chipped, if he or she runs away in panic. It’s easier to find homes again with the help of the chip.

* Walk the dog’s longest walk in the middle of the day before the fireworks start.

* In case of severe stress and anxiety, we recommend KalmAid, which works within 90 minutes.



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